OEXICE™ is setting the standard for OEM Wheel finishes.  

Our process of applying OEXICE™ defines the COLOR, GLOSS, and DURABILITY our customers demand for their cars.

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Not only is OEXICE™ the most vibrant COLOR in the market, we scientifically match our color to guarantee consistency with every wheel we finish……delivering Quality and Perfection for our customers.

Washington Monument Reflection (oval) middle.jpg


The Washington Monument Reflection Pool provides a PURE surface to deliver perfect reflectivity of our national monument.   The GLOSS of OEXICE™ is the result of our extensive hand labor perfecting the wheel surface prior to applying our finish.   OEX sets the standard for reflectivity in the automotive market.

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As with Color and Gloss, OEXICE™ sets the standard for DURABILITY in OEM Wheel finishes.  We offer the most durable wheel finish, backed by the strongest 5-Year warranty available in the market!  The OEXICE™ guarantee is only available due to the extensive hand preparation and detailed process of applying our finish to your OEM wheels.