OEXICE™ coating technology forms a protective glove around the entire wheel that provides protection from:


  • Brake Dust Burns

  • Alloy Wheel Corrosion

  • Car Wash Chemicals

  • Seasonal Street Chemicals and Salt

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ALL Guaranteed Under the OEXICE™ 5-Year Warranty

Easy to




BlackICE™ is available for ALL makes and models for customers that want the highest quality, most reflective Black finish on their car wheels.  


BrightICE™ ….. It’s NOT CHROME!
Looks can be deceiving.  BrightICE™ is scientifically formulated to give the “traditionalist” the classic look of 1960’s chrome; without the headaches.  



Our BlackICE™ and BrightICE™ formulas are Repeatable and Reproducible; key attributes in delivering the highest quality wheel finish available in the market.



The Soft, Sinister Side of Class…..

OEX proudly introduces our newest member to our product family….. BlackMATTE™.   Our BlackMATTE finish answers the call in the automotive industry to offer an understated color offering for car buyers.

BlackMATTE carries all of the protections and guarantees of our OEXICE™ line with a softer punch!

Setting the Standards



When we “see” things, we see them by means of light.  We examine an object with our eyes to determine its desirability or usefulness to us.  It is old or new, fresh or stale, beautiful or ugly, sharp or dull?  Almost always the judgement is made without recognizing the actual optical process that gives us the clues; and we develop expectations without having to analyze.



OEXICE™ makes it even easier to see what we expect.   Our color is scientifically formulated for you to experience wheels that look new, fresh, beautiful, and sharp and distinguish your car from every other car on the road.

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Our science doesn’t stop at appearance.  Our 4-Season OEXICE™ and OEXMATTE™ finishes are backed by a 5-Year Warranty against pitting, peeling, color separation, car wash chemicals, and weather.  You can enjoy your wheels every month of the year without the need to install seasonal wheels.

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The reflective illumination of OEXICE™ is unmatched in the market.  The geometry of your wheels will be more vibrant and accentuated by a finish that is scientifically measured to be 80% as reflective as a mirror.

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Have you ever run-up along a curb or had a piece of metal shoot out from under a passing car?  These, and many other incidental contact events, can damage your wheel finish.

OEXICE™ and OEXMATTEare repairable by our expert team of Alloy Wheel Craftsman.    We will make your wheel(s) look brand new after we correct the damage…….

Is there a cost to repair the wheel?

YES.  Our finishes are durable; but abrasive contact and accidents happen that can’t be covered under our product guarantee.   BUT, OEX has also partnered with a leading provider of cosmetic wheel coverage.   Please call for details.

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How can I buy this?

Buying wheels for your car is easy and hassle-free.   Simply contact OEX and identify the wheels on your car.       
•    We will coordinate delivery of your wheels to your dealer for installation on your car;
•    We will pay your dealer for the installation;
•    We will coordinate the return of your “cores” (wheels currently on your car) with your dealer to complete the exchange transaction

How reliable is your quality?

We are proud to promote the quality of our OEXICE™ finish.  We are the only company in the market that can guarantee the following attributes of our finish:

  • Color.   We scientifically measure the consistency of our BrightICE™ and BlackICE™ finish to guarantee our color matches on every set we deliver;
  • Gloss.  Our gloss is unmatched in the industry.  Our process delivers reflectivity that measures 80% of that of a mirror; which we measure against our high-quality standards;
  • Durability.  Hands down, OEXICE™ is the most durable finish available in the market.  Our 5-year warranty guarantees our finish against chipping, peeling, color separation, brake dust burns, and finish damage caused by road salt and car wash chemicals.

Do you offer a warranty?

YES!.   Our finish carries a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty against peeling, chipping, color separation, brake dust burns, and finish defects caused by road salt and car wash chemicals.

Do you customize aftermarket wheels?

Our program is designed to support Original Factory Wheels.  Can we customize aftermarket wheels, yes; but there are several reasons why we focus on Original Factory Wheels:

  • Original Factory Wheels have been engineered and designed specific to the brand / model of cars your store represents;
  • Original Factory Wheels fit perfectly on their intended model car;
  • Original Factory Wheels ensure the intended performance of the car;
  • Original Factory Wheels ensure the safety of the car.

Do I have to return my current wheels to you; or can I keep them?

Our program is an Original Equipment Exchange program.  If you would like to keep the wheels currently on your car, we will adjust the price to accommodate the replacement of the wheels you are receiving from us.


What if my current wheels are damaged?

If your wheels are curb-rashed or scuffed up, we will repair them when we receive the wheels exchanged from your car.


Can I purchase a wheel protection plan to repair my wheels if they get damaged? 

Yes. We have partnered with a national program to offer damage protection of your wheels.  

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